Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Long live Wirikuta!

Santiago Armengod
Protejamos los Sitios Sagrados - Rojo (Protect Sacred Sites - Red)

Dr. Stephen Perkins, Senior Academic Curator of the Lawton Gallery at UW-Green Bay, has just shared with me the latest acquisition in his ever-expanding collection of (incredible) political art posters.  Here is a quick description regarding the context of the above print:

Wirikuta is a site sacred to the Wixarica (Huichol) Indigenous tribe in the state of San Luis Potosi, in northern Mexico. Like many sites sacred to indigenous nations across the globe, Wirikuta is facing desecration in the name of capitalist expansion and natural resource extraction.

First Majestic Silver, a Canadian mining company is planning to open a massive mine that will destroy this sacred place and the habitat of thousands of species.

Every year the Wixarica do sacred pilgrimages to Wirikuta from a number of states where the nation resides.

Although many New Age groups have profited out of indigenous cosmology and beliefs, a number of these groups fail to support Indigenous struggles in defense of the land.

Because Wirikuta is one of the only places on Earth where the sacred Peyote cactus grows; a large number of an otherwise depoliticized sector of society has expressed their support for the Wixarica struggle in defense of Wirikuta.

This print is part of a Graphic Portfolio being produced in Mexico City by the ECP Martires del 68 School to contribute with graphics and bring attention to this issue as well as natural resource extraction.

To learn more about the Wixarica Resistance you can visit the “Tamatsima Wahaa” Wrikuta Defense Front, click HERE.

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